More than our logo is going green!

pure_powerReliable Heating & Cooling offers many “green” products that are not only good for our environment, these products will help keep more “green” in your pockets. In today’s economic climate, investing in energy efficient products for your home is a smart choice. Reliable offers many Energy Star certified systems that often qualify for additional rebates and incentives from third parties. The federal government has been offering tax credits for the purchase of certain high efficiency equipment. Check out the many earth friendly ways Reliable Heating & Cooling can help you reduce the amount of energy your home consumes.

  1. The new R410A air conditioners are not only ozone friendly, these units often use 1/2 or 1/3 of the energy used by your existing air conditioner.
  2. “Duel-Fuel” or “hybrid” systems offer flexibility by combining a high efficiency gas furnace with an electric heat pump. These systems use smart technology that can be adjusted to use the most efficient form of energy.
  3. A tankless water heater only operates when you are using hot water. Replacing your old tank water heater will lower your gas consumption, AND, with a tankless water heater you don’t run out of hot water!
  4. The simple installation of a programmable thermostat can lower your energy consumption using your existing equipment.
  5. Installing a whole-house humidifier allows your home to feel warmer at lower thermostat settings.

We can help you lower your energy consumption in many other ways, and an energy analysis of your home from Reliable Heating & Cooling is absolutely FREE.

AmerenUE PurePower Supporter

pure_power_logoAs an AmerenUE Pure Power Supporter, Reliable Heating & Cooling supports the generation of clean, renewable energy in Missouri and the Midwest.

  • Supporting renewable energy — like local wind power — helps keep Missouri’s air clean, strengthens the local economy, and protects natural resources for future generations.
  • Reliable Heating & Cooling’s support of clean energy will prevent 18,999 pounds of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas, from entering the atmosphere each year. This is the same environmental benefit provided by taking 1.2 cars off the road each year.
  • Reliable Heating & Cooling is P.U.R.E. Genius (People Using Renewable Energy)!
  • 100% of Reliable Heating & Cooling’s total energy usage is offset by supporting local renewable energy through AmerenUE’s Pure Power.
  • 75% of AmerenUE Pure Power renewable energy certificates come from wind power, with up to 25% from a blend of other local sources including solar, hydroelectric, and biomass.
  • With this commitment to renewable energy, Reliable Heating & Cooling is proudly sharing a message with our employees, our customers, and the community at large that we support the development of clean, renewable energy resources, and value a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.